National Advertising Contest Helps Florida Fight Misperceptions About Oil

American Advertising Federation & SecurityPoint Media Announce “Champion a Cause” Creative Challenge Winner

TAMPA, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The only trace of oil on Florida’s coastline comes from a Hawaiian Tropic bottle, but the perception is quite the contrary. For weeks, organizations such as Visit Florida have been searching for new ways to reach consumers nationally with the message that the shores are clean. Now, with the help of the American Advertising Federation (AAF), Florida-based company SecurityPoint Media is doing just that.

As the company behind airport security checkpoint advertising, SecurityPoint Media has the ability to reach an elusive, yet highly-coveted group of consumers: people who like to travel. The company had been working with to unveil the SecureTray System® at the Orlando International Airport when news of the oil disaster broke. The two companies conceived the “Champion a Cause” Creative Challenge, a contest inviting AAF members to design a SecureTray® advertisement to be featured in select airports across the country. The goal is to keep Florida-bound flights full by reminding travelers that the Sunshine State remains open for business.

In an effort to leverage the creative juices of the nation’s top advertising, marketing and media executives, the contest was announced at the AAF National Conference in Orlando. Entries came in from as far as California and Seattle. “It’s great to see AAF members from across the nation pitching in for the cause,” said AAF President James Edmund Datri. “We couldn’t wait to see what they came up with.”

Fifty professionals from Florida’s tourism industry gathered at TradeWinds Island Resort in St. Petersburg to review the top entries and select the winners based on certain criteria.

The winning campaign, submitted by Curtis Petraglia from North Carolina, features three young vacationers, each stuffed inside a suitcase with the tagline, “Carry on with your adventure! – Visit Florida”.

SecurityPoint Media is working with Visit Florida and other state tourism organizations to select the locations for the winning campaigns. The ads will go in markets that have a major impact on Florida tourism. CEO Joseph Ambrefe expects the advertisements to reach over 10 million travelers in the upcoming months.

“We’re so impressed by the quality of the entries, and we’re looking forward to implementing the winning campaigns,” said Ambrefe. “This campaign has the potential to make a significant impact on Florida tourism, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the collaborative effort of all these great organizations.”

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About SecurityPoint Media

SecurityPoint Media is the leader in airport security checkpoint advertising and the innovator of the SecureTray System®. This system, which includes SecureTrays®, SecureCarts® and DivestingTables®, provides an end-to-end solution to improve efficiencies in the security screening process, while offering an invaluable advertising opportunity. SecureTray System has been tested and evaluated by the TSA and the National Safe Skies Alliance.