2009 National Student Advertising Competition

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The Century CouncilNSAC

2009 NSAC Challenge: The Century Council

The Century Council, a national, independent not-for-profit organization dedicated to fighting drunk driving and underage drinking and to promoting responsible decision making regarding beverage alcohol, challenged NSAC students to develop a campaign to combat dangerous overconsumption of alcohol by college students.

More than 140 colleges and universities competed in the regional competitions this spring, and the following 18 teams advanced to the national finals.

  • District 1 Johnson & Wales University
  • District 2 The George Washington University
  • District 2 Syracuse University
  • District 3 University of Virginia
  • District 4 Florida State University
  • District 5 Ohio University
  • District 6 Columbia College Chicago
  • District 6 Northwood University
  • District 7 The University of Alabama
  • District 8 University of Minnesota
  • District 9 University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • District 10 Texas Tech University
  • District 11 Portland State University
  • District 12 The Art Center Design College-Tucson
  • District 13 Hawai'i Pacific University
  • District 14 University of California, Berkeley
  • District 15 Chapman University
  • Wild Card Texas Christian University

After a day and a half of presentations, Syracuse University received the top prize. Their campaign revolved around The Stupid Drink. In their plans book, they describe this drink as “the single drink that accelerates consumption, that puts [students] over the line, that takes them from drinking to drinking too much.”

First Place – Syracuse University

The University of Alabama, University of California, Berkeley and Chapman University finished second, third and fourth respectively. Chapman University also won the Getty Images Award for Best Use of Imagery.

University of Alabama

Second Place: University of Alabama

University of California Berkeley

Third Place: University of California Berkeley

Chapman University

Fourth Place: Chapman University