Barbara Toboy

Senior Manager, Analytics, GTB

Barbara Toboy is a senior manager of analytics at GTB with responsibility for Ford US Branded Content and Alliance marketing initiatives. She has over 25 years of marketing, finance and management experience in the automotive, financial and non-profit sector.  In her current position, Barbara works with clients to drive strategic alignment and integration of goals, strategies and measurement efforts. She works with brand, product and communication channel managers to clarify and integrate goals. Barbara brings people, processes and technology together to deliver integrated analytic reports to help clients get a complete view of how their multichannel programs performed and to understand what drove that performance.

Prior to joining GTB, Barbara worked at General Motors in Brand and Marketing Strategy Research, where she helped save the company $2 million as a result of research on customers’ green preferences. She also was first line resource to respond to media inquiries regarding sales and inventory as part of the Global Market & Industry Analysis team. While at GM she served as Director of the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America, managing the fraternal organization in Michigan. Prior to that, she was on the finance staff at GM and a public accounting firm while in college.

Speaker, Student Advertising Career Conference 2017–2018

Last Updated: October 2018