Candace Queen

Art Director, DigitasLBi

Candace is a blossoming Unicorn, pushing pixels at DigitasLBi. In addition to her day job, she creates an array of personal projects and independent work under the pseudonym, Meroë Creative. Passionate about all things Trill, Chopped and Screwed, her work reflects her roots in Southeast Texas, as well as her love for exploring new technology and other cultures.

She continuously finds inspiration from the likes of Lorraine Hansberry and Nina Simone, and their ability to blend their creative talents with creating awareness about social injustice flawlessly. Candace actively pursues opportunities to work with cause-based organizations and individuals who focus on ways to reduce systemic injustices among people of color and other marginalized groups. In everything she does, whether it be commercial or cause-based, she takes every step possible to make sure her work creates some sort of positive impact on those who encounter it.