Suosdey Penn

Creative Director, Chemistry Club

Once you’ve fled your home country on a naval ship with your father at the helm, nothing much frightens you. Suosdey arrived in the U.S. from Cambodia at the age of 18 months and has tackled every challenge since with utter fearlessness. Before joining Chemistry Club, Suosdey created smart, award-winning work at Leagas Delaney SF, Publicis & Hal Riney, and Eleven Inc., for brands like adidas, Sega, 24Hour Fitness, and Apple. Today at Chemistry Club, she continues to develop memorable work for brands including Monterey Bay Aquarium, LinkedIn, and the SFMOMA. To balance her fierce approach to work, Suosdey also has a nurturing side (she’s the mother of two adorable kids) which has helped make her an excellent mentor of young creative talent. Work with her, and you’re likely to receive 4 a.m. PDFs brimming with wonderful ideas; when (or if) she actually sleeps, no one knows for sure.


2017 National Judge, American Advertising Awards

Last Updated: April 2017