Andrew Orcí

CEO, Orcí

Andrew Orci is President and CEO of Orci, a pioneering independent Hispanic advertising agency. A 15-year veteran of the agency, Andrew has focused on evolving the agency to keep up with the fast-changing Latino consumer and media landscape. All this while maintaining the principles of serving the Latino Community and helping clients to understand, value and better serve Latino consumers. Long-standing clients like American Honda Corporation, Acura and Dole, as well as new clients such as Union Bank, VCA and Piercing Pagoda, benefit from the passion of Andrew’s leadership and the entire Orcí agency family. Andrew also spearheaded the creation of Orci’s entertainment division, producing, movies, television shows and digital content. He serves on the board of the American Advertising Federation (AAF).

Speaker, Advertising Day on the Hill 2017

Last Updated: March 2017