José Eslinger

Associate Creative Director

As a young Mexican boy José dreamt of being the best damn astronaut the world would ever see. When that didn’t work out, he settled on doing good for the world in the other only obvious way possible: Advertising. He has decades of experience (that’s a lie) working on some of the world’s coolest brands (that’s not a lie: NFL, Activision, Infiniti, Pepsi, Marvel and Hyundai.) He’s passionate about making people laugh and controlling their minds so they’ll buy (insert brand here)’s product or service. His award-winning work has been recognized throughout the industry and he is very proud of that. A couple of his proudest moments have been co-writing the Hyundai Super Bowl spot called “First Date” starring Kevin Hart (which won USA TODAY’S Super Bowl Ad Meter and has over 15 million YouTube views) and being named to Adweek's Creative 100 along with his partner Carissa. He also wrote this for himself.


2017 National Judge, American Advertising Awards

Last Updated: April 2017