Tom Cocke

SVP, Group Creative Partner, The Buntin Group

I wrote my first ad in college while majoring in Architectural History. It was an attempt to solicit an audience for my thesis on the influence of Palladian architecture in America. Nobody showed. So after college, instead of becoming an architect, I went to the Portfolio Center in Atlanta to learn how to write better ads. From there I found Tracy Locke Atlanta, BBDO Atlanta, The Buntin Group Nashville, Wray Ward Charlotte and finally back to The Buntin Group. I’m now a Creative Director with nearly three decades under my belt. I’ve worked on huge accounts like Delta Air Lines and tiny accounts like well…stuff you’ve never heard of. The One Show, CA, the Clios, OBIEs, EMMYs, Jay Chiat Awards and the ADDYs have all been kind enough to feature my work. While the Effies, National Student ADDYs and many local clubs have let me judge their work. But what I’m most proud of is a certain A- in 401 Senior Thesis Architectural History that nobody really knows about.


2017 National Judge, American Advertising Awards

Last Updated: April 2017