David Dobrow

Freelance Senior Recruiter

After spending close to a decade on the dark side (i.e. account management), I woke up one night in a cold sweat with the horrible realization that PowerPoint was not my greatest passion. Like anyone else, I quit my job and enrolled in culinary school. Who knew working in kitchens for screaming chefs for basically minimum wage wouldn't lead to enlightenment? Anyway, figured I'd give recruitment a shot. So, ever since I've been in creative management for agencies including Havas, Digitas, and gyro. At gyro, I took the roadshow nationwide. I'm now doing recruitment and resourcing on a freelance basis and am an instructor at Chicago Portfolio School. In my spare time, you can find me hanging out with dog, Stanley who looks and acts like a Dingo with only a slight case of mange; reading comic books and manga; slowly learning Mandarin through watching way too many Taiwanese dramas; or cooking dinner for my wife and sometimes others who are so fortunate.