Jamie Anderson

Chief Strategy Officer, Manifest

I was taken off my first big 'traditional' project after slicing my finger into two pieces with an X-Acto. As the world of digital and traditional have collided (both on the client side and on the agency side) my journey has brought me not far from my beginning: connected ideas and content reign supreme. Insight-driven work happens only when you are disciplined enough to conduct the right research—recognize what the data is telling you—and then know great from good execution. Telling stories has evolved in the world of the always-on consumer. And brands have meet them there with the right content.

I am honored that my work has been distinguished by the industry's best: ADDY's, Webby's, Communication Arts, Graphis, FWA and many others. I have built and managed digital groups for ad agencies, interactive agencies and even technology firms. I am hard-wired for creating unique and business-focused solutions, my work at WhittmanHart as Executive Creative Director landed two top agency ratings from Forrester - followed up by my work contributing to Sapient's top ratings in Mobile and Social for 2011.  Among my clients I have proudly built integrated experiences for Target, the United States Army, Audi of America, Harley-Davidson, Procter & Gamble, Porsche, Corona as well as just about every member of my family, including pets.

From transactional/eCommerce solutions to softer, immersive, experiential brand solutions—the joy I have is in measurable success. Coolness and KPI's are the same language for me—as they are for any marketing department today. And we are as an industry now challenged with parsing the immense of data to figure out how to act upon it—appropriately and responsibly.

I am also experienced enough to know one truth: In marketing and advertising nobody is an expert in digital. There are only expert novices. Those of us that know and willfully participate in constant change in our business (and in consumer habits, needs and preferences) also know that there is always something both new to learn as well as new to teach.