Mosaic Awards

Mosaic Awards


Student Multicultural Advertising Campaign Mosaic Award Winner

Aaron Mann, University of Missouri-St. Louis | St. Louis School Districts | "Equal By Design"

Aaron Mann Website

To get started, I asked myself these questions. Why are there not more minority designers? Are high school students being pushed toward more “scholarly” majors? Are minorities leaving the field? And what is being done to address the issue?

With these questions, I decided to create a project that encourages and supports minority high school students to look into a career in creative fields, particularly graphic design. To narrow my topic and research, I decided to focus on African American designers.

Equal By Design shows us that African Americans are active in the field and have in fact, made big contributions to the industry. Equal By Design hopes to spark curiosity among black youth, inform readers on the history of African American designers, and give future designers some reassurance.

Since the very beginning, this project has gained momentum. I’ve had a surprising amount of feedback from people interested in and inspired by the project. This has been exciting for me, because the book was something that I wished already existed and found that other people do as well.


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