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72andSunny | "Expanding Access to Creative Careers"

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72andSunny created the Expanding Access to Creative Careers program to advance their mission of expanding and diversifying the “creative class.” Creative class is a term used to describe modern jobs oriented around creative problem-solving. Being a creative agency, 72andSunny saw this as a reflection of their employees lives and interests, highly valuable to society and even positive for business.

72andSunny is expanding and diversifying the creative class by increasing access to tools, experiences, training and careers.

The organization has multiple programs directed at advancing this idea. From internal staff-driven efforts aimed at recruiting underrepresented demographics to 72U, a four-year-old creative residency program designed to open people up to new ways of tackling modern communication

72andSunny efforts also extend beyond its walls, they were a founding member of Free The Bid, an initiative requiring a female directors to be included on production jobs and they’ve joined forces with President Obama’s Civic Nation to expand access to creative education.

Among 72andSunny’s deepest partnership is Da Vinci, an LA based Charter School network that serves over 80 zip codes. The partnership's objective is to expand and diversify access to creative careers for students. 72 is changing kids lives by giving them access to the creative industry, an industry that has seemed unachievable and unknown to them.

By 2016, the third year of the partnership, more than 300 students and 65 educators at Da Vinci were engaged.

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